The High Seas
Overfishing. Many of our fish stocks are in serious decline, a third of then have disappeared.
The relentless overfishing has reduced the shark population around the world, by over 90%. Sharks assist in maintaining the health of the coral reefs.
Let's dance in harmony with nature, let’s protect the high seas.
Black & White Sketch
Black & White Sketch
Rough Initial Sketch
Rough Initial Sketch
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Future Generations
Renewable energy is becoming more effective and affordable which is great news but our actions of today determine the days that follow for other generations after us. 
So here is my concept, a child embracing renewable energy to play.

Nature's Earth
It’s the second biggest problem we face. Without biodiversity, the world as we know it doesn’t work. Everyone is a component of the global machine. We have destroyed a lot of land for agriculture and farming and this has impacted the population of wild animals by a 60% reduction. So there is not much ‘wild’ left.
Loss of forest for plantations + fires = Less biodiversity

The Galgo
Hunting in Spain, is a hobby that ends with the life of more than 20 million animals a year. It's officially considered a 'sport' and can be practiced on about 80% of the Spanish territory. Half a million of hunting animals used are Galgos, but their life is short. If they are not fit for running, they are killed or abandoned.
I wanted to illustrate the love I have for these animals and give another voice to them. The voice of the Galgo.
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