160/90 commissioned me to develop the style direction and style frame designs for their next 30-second animation for the University of Arizona.
They asked 6 Wonderachievers at The University of Arizona what wonder makes them do and how does it make them who they are. 
In this case, they took  Ashlesha Patil’s answer to life in an animated video where she talks about her research and passion for changing the current internet security by working on a new type of quantum internet that is secure because of the laws of nature. And these laws can not be broken.

Client: 160/90 x University of Arizona
Animation by 160/90
30-second animation


The journey of 'Wonder' and qualcomm internet technology
Based on the entanglement that occurs on a Quantum Computer. The circles represent Qubits. These exist in multiple states called superposition.
The Laws of Nature

Universal laws are symmetric under translation in space and time. 
Symmetry underlines our whole understanding of the universe.
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